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Being True To It's Name 'Constantly' Soaring Greater Heights.

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A service like no other.

Precesion & Perfection

An HR Solutions and Services with money back Guarantee.

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IT Security Testing.

Free application testing

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We offer many various services at Netsach! We will list a few right here!

IT – Governance, Risk and Compliance

Ensuring proper GRC management of all IT systems.

IT Risk Management

Provides assistance on security goals, security posture, and security architecture alternatives.

Infrastructure Security

Preparing your infrastructure to be a secure with our support based model.

Data Protection

We could help you to protect your data and keep you away from threat.

Threat Management

Our aim is to identify the threat at an early stage and rectify the issue with utmost priority without any delay.

Artifical Intelligence

The future of digital enterprises is very much here. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our lives, and we’re already seeing a glimpse of it through various means.


The great services would not have been possible if it was not for the effort exerted by our amazing and talented team, check them out.

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Emily Jha COO
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Peter & Rushita Mentors
CEO John Jha CEO

About Me

John Prakash Jha, is the founder and CEO of Netsach, the company which has stood out in its performance since its inception.

As a businessman Mr John Praksh Jha's ideology stands clear and strong i.e. choosing the right skill will always help a person to succeed. He has always been inspired by the quality and not the quantity of work one does. His impetus to take up any assignment or strike a business deal is solely not dependent upon the revenue it generates but the impact it creates and the milestones achieved therewith. He firmly believes in what the Bible says: Never despise the days of your small beginnings and this can be clearly guaged by their work. They started with a handful customers and as of today Netsach soars towards cutting edge technology like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Information Security and IOT. His aim in life is to be one among the top businessmen of this century and serve the society through his business.

COO Emily Jha COO

About Me

Emily Jha, COO of Netsach with Masters in HR & Operations Management and holds certificaton on CRM from IIMB (Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Takes care of the entire Recruitment division. As she belives that every work is important, and it should be done with complete focus and didicated mind. Value your work and time, and it will indeed value you. Life becomes precious, beautiful and more challenging if you start living for your dream.

Mentors Ps. Peter & Rushita Benjamin Mentors

About Me

Ps. Peter Benjamin along with his wife Rushita Benjamin, the founder and senior leader at the Benjamin ministries, is the official mentor of the well known firm Netsach. He travels widely and internationally as a conference and motivational speaker and is the Properieter at the Power of God. A sought after speaker at esteemed educational institutions and business seminars He serves the community on a much larger scale by mentoring, councelling, training and guiding people towards their goals in life , helping people to realise their abilities and God given potential and directing them to achieve them. His goal is to lead people towards their destiny. He has a firm faith in God and believes everyone has a God given purpose that should be pursued and fulfilled. .